Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specs on our servers?

CPU Intel Xeon, CPU Cores 4 Core, CPU Speed 3.3 GHz, RAM 16 GB, Uplink 1000 Mbps.

Where are the servers located?

Kansas City, Missouri and Houston, Texas

How long does setup take?

Setup is started directly after we receive your payment. That means no lengthy wait times! We Get it going for you right away! The only exception to this is DNS configueration time, which can take a bit longer to get going.

What kind of control panel am I provided for my server?

We offer cPanel, which allows you full and direct control over your site. You can manage and upload files directly from your control panel. We also provide you with full FTP access, enabling you to effortlessly manage your server's files.

What happens if I don`t pay for my site or hosting?

If you do not pay for your server, you have 5 days after that it goes overdue to pay for it. If it is not paid for within that 5 days it will get suspended. The server will stay in a suspended state for 20 days from then. After which the files will be terminated. However, if you have paid for your invoice please call 816-916-2365 so that we can assist you.

Can I purchase my plan at a yearly rate?

Yes, you can! In order to purchase your plan at a yearly prepay rate just let us know. Call 816-916-2365

Can I upgrade/downgrade my package in the future?

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade whenever you wish. If you have any questions about upgrading or downgrading, please call 816-916-2365

Do you provide MySQL databases?

Yes! We provide MySQL. Once logged in to cpanel you can manage your databases using PHPMyAdmin.

What happens if I no longer want to pay for my server or want to cancel it?

We make it easy to cancel at any time. Of course, we'd love to help before hand, so feel free to call us @ 816-916-2365 so we can help fix the problum or help cancel.